About us, Freshbox.ch - Früchte im ABO


We love to be the talk of the town
Headquarters: Freshbox Switzerland GmbH, Aargauerstrasse 1, 8048 Zurich, Switzerland
Established: 2003
Founder & owner: Georg & Prisca Twerenbold
Staff: approx. 15 in Zurich
Fruits & vegetables are healthy. Nevertheless, many people struggle to get the recommended five servings per day. Why? Because we're all always busy and don't always find the time to ensure a balanced diet. Freshbox wants to help you to follow a diet that won't leave you with a guilty conscience, and that will keep you healthy and fit. With our clever delivery service this is really simple, wherever you may be.
But we are not just some fruit deliverers. We really want to inform – and we want to strengthen the awareness for freshness and quality. We share our knowledge of fruits & vegetables with our customers, e.g. with our newsletter, and of course on our website.
It is our goal to be the most attractive and the most informative E-platform in Switzerland in terms of fruits and vegetables, and we want to sustainably service your needs. Why not write us an email if you have any suggestions? We'd love to hear from you.
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