Snackbox, - Früchte im ABO


Each Snackbox has been assembled and packed by Freshbox by hand. Our Snackbox range is varied and there is something for every taste! We offer the following products: organic mini bananas, Swiss apples, mango, apricots, organic pineapple, organic coconut and various fruit mixes like Fruit Mix, Healthy Mix, organic Exotic Mix, Chip'n'Chap, or just nut mixes like Nut Mix and Nut & Seed Mix. A good idea as a healthy snack for any occasion.

The Snackboxes come in different sizes and if you can't decide, the Chrüsimüsi Mix is just the thing for you! You can also find each Snackbox individually in our My Own Shop.



Five good reasons:

1. High guality:
Only the highest quality materials are used.

2. Carful production:
The fruits are dried carefully.

3. Without artificial additions:
 No artifcial additions like sulphur and sugar.

4. From biological clutivation:
Selected varieties come from biological cultivation.

5. Healthy Brainfood:
A healthy snack for in between, whether at home, in the office or on the go. Snackbox or Snackbag - both packages are resealable.